Terrorist Attacks



Malicious Terrorist Attack to Neve Shalom Synagogue!

Foreign terrorists attacked with grenades and machine guns to our co-religionists who were then praying their Shabbat prayers in Neve Shalom Synagogue on September 6, 1986, at 09:17 Saturday. The terrorists died breaking into pieces due to bombs blast in their hands in this inhuman incident in which twenty-two people lost their lives.

Jak Samrano, Gabi Saul,Yusuf Levi, Eliya Dana and Moiz Bitiren were able to survive miraculously. Those who lost their lives in the attack were buried in a special section devoted in the Ashkenazi Cemetery in Ulus following a funeral ceremony held in Neve Shalom on Wednesday, September 10, 1986.

Synagogue was restored within a short period of time and re-opened to worshipping service with a crowd ceremony attended by high officials on Wednesday, May 20, 1987. The bullet and bomb traces of bullets on the marble on upper left corner of the Ehal were not repaired and left the same to remember that day of sorrow.



The Second Malicious Terrorist Attack to Neve Shalom Synagogue !

On Saturday, November 15, 2003, terrorists made suicide attacks in Istanbul with bomb-laden trucks again observing praying times for their malicious attacks.
The first attack was made to Neve Shalom Synagogue at 09:14.
Inside of the synagogues did not suffer much damage due to security measures taken after the massacre in 1986. However, it caused a great damage to the surrounding buildings, and members of the community and artisans who were around during the attack 18 people lost their lives and a large number of people injured.
There was a hole three meters in diameter and two meters in deep where the explosion took place.



Malicious Terrorist Attack to Sisli Synagogue !

Another bomb-laden truck was blast in front of "Beth Israel (Sisli) Sinagogue" in Osmabey two minutes after the attack to Neve Shalom Synagogue in the same. The surrounding buildings suffered a great damage here, too, and five people lost their lives. Thus, the number of those who lost their lives reached 23 and the number of those injured was over 600. The martyrs who lost their lives in the explosion were buried in the mausoleum in the Ashkenazi Cemeteryfollowing the funeral ceremony held in November 2003.