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Matan Baseter - Barinyurt which is established in Edirne before 1917, and has been operating in Istanbul since 1928, continues to provide its services for support and assist the needy, the homeless, people with diseases, and elderly people. Income of this institution could be met with donations from various organizations and individuals. The old 2nd (Integrated) Karma Jewish Elementary School building in Istanbul was examined, and after an assessment acceptance is provided, the idea was started to be projected by a technical committee.
The building was opened with an emotional ceremony on a Sunday morning, December 1st, 1991, in the name of the 2nd (Integrated) Karma-Barinyurt. 11 boarders without shelter were placed here. With the initial financial possibilities, it had only 14 rooms which are located at the first part that could be completed within one and a half years, these rooms are located in both floors below the entrance floor, equipped with two-door closets, two beds with two drawers, a night table and a mini fridge.
These floors also have a spacious living room, a spacious and sparkling dining room, and a bathroom-toilet. The ground floor was opening to a summer garden. A dream was realized. And it is developed gradually.

Barinyurt Retirement Home was established in 2003 and La Casa Catering, which is opened with the donations made to the Barınyurt Retirement Home, started its activity on 8th of December 2003, Catering’s income was allocated to meet Barinyurt's needs. The institution is proceeding with confident steps towards the future by developing in the hands of volunteers and qualified managers who are in charge of their duties. Barinyurt and Aid to the Elders started to serve with the name "OR YOM" since June 2014. Currently, there are about 120 boarders of Or Yom, and over 270 help files of Matan Baseter.
Or Yom provides a warm and caring environment where the boarders feel at home by giving support and assist to the elderly people in need.
The main aim of OR YOM is provide a healthy, happy, peaceful and loving life to our boarders as always and as how it realized by each different management.
Barinyurt retirement home or currently named as Or Yom belongs to Neve Shalom Sephardi Synagogues Foundation.

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